This week I am attending the AARP Life@50+ National Event in Los Angeles, which officially kicks off today. I’m enthusiastic about participating not just to interact with other AARP members but also to be a student and learn how to have an even better life over 50.

Throughout my career, the Baby Boomer generation has commanded the attention of marketers everywhere. Now that even the youngest Boomers are crossing the age 50 threshold, this coveted consumer group continues to capture the attention of marketers in product/service categories catering to mature adults. Serving as an advocate for all over 50, AARP has been at the forefront of understanding Boomers’ unique attitudes, motivations and unique needs, including those who are Hispanic. Granted, marketing to Hispanics 50+ is a relatively new frontier since the majority of this consumer segment is relatively younger, but AARP realizes that—like the Hispanic population overall—this age demo is seeing significant population growth.

I was ecstatic when our agency was selected as AARP’s Hispanic AOR. Besides the business opportunity it brings us, this win has personal meaning because I started my advertising career targeting these same Hispanic Boomers while they were still young parents. Now that they’re in a new stage of their lives, I feel I’m just continuing the conversation with a segment I’ve grown with and know so intimately. Hispanic Boomers, like many in the 50+ age demo, feel a sense of accomplishment and assured confidence because of their life experience. Despite the daily challenges found by many in the “sandwich” generation—which can be exacerbated by the greater sense of responsibility that comes with larger families—they definitely have a positive outlook, even when considering the economic climate.

We recently launched our first ad campaign, and in developing the work I’ve realized that I’m just like the Hispanic Boomer target. I feel better than ever. I’m living in the “sandwich”, caring for elderly parents while simultaneously supporting a son just out of college and beginning a burgeoning career. I’m in the midst of a second act, opting to face the challenges of starting a new agency at a time of economic recession and intense competition. But above all, I have that assured confidence that comes with life experience. This last point is what truly keeps me motivated because, in an industry dominated by younger people and driven by technology, I have seen that as much as consumers and contact channels have changed, the keys to success in marketing and advertising have pretty much stayed the same. Winning has always required strategy, insight, consumer relevance, big ideas, client service, integrity and work ethic. In other words, agency attributes that I was taught as I grew up in Advertising, and attributes that I’m working to instill in the next-generation talent at our agency.

I looked at the line up of talent at the LA event, and I recognized a name quite familiar to my previous life. Several years ago, I worked with Jon Secada as the “true voice” of a major telecom, and now he’s singing at this event. John’s still singing, and I’m still creating. It only seems fitting that he and I would both wind up at this event. Here’s to life at 50+!

Daisy Expósito-Ulla
Chairman & CEO
d expósito & Partners


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