Engaging Hispanics in Social Media.

By Andy Checo

Hard to believe that at this point very few brands are engaging Hispanics in social media. Many are either “afraid” (for lack of a better word) or do not give the importance deserved by the market to launch their very own Hispanic channels. Brands are still only dedicating a small fraction of the overall marketing dollars to the Hispanic market and budgets are often the excuse for not investing in Hispanic social media outreach.

Few brands are on top of their game when it comes to having their own dedicated Hispanic channels or effectively engaging Hispanic third party organizations and influencers to reach their Hispanic audience via social media. Here are four key factors I think you need to consider right now for success tomorrow:

1) Your own Latino social media engagement channels: Yes. You do need a dedicated Latino facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Why? Otherwise what you are serving is a watered-down cocktail at most. Your message will not have the impact you want it to have. You don’t need to be everywhere; you just need to be where your consumer is.

2) Language: Yes, we are Hispanics, and many of us speak Spanish, but guess what? Many of us speak and prefer English too! Why would you choose to purposely alienate those of us that do? Besides, some of us are not too great with the Spanish thing. In my opinion, most organic conversations in Hispanic social media are happening in English. Even Univision and Telemundo are servicing social media in both languages. If you have been listening to what those of us working in the Hispanic market have been saying, you would know that language is not as important as cultural relevancy, so why not have that relevant message reach many more? I believe that for the best engagement you must incorporate a mix of both languages. Note: I am not talking about Spanglish here.

3) Strategic Partnerships: So, you don’t have your own dedicated Latino social media channel… not a problem. This is not the ideal situation, but luckily there are established organizations with fantastic reach that can help you spread your message. BeingLatino, Hispanicize and LATISM are three excellent organizations that can help you navigate through the Hispanic social media space.

4) Amigos: Bloggers are king and reynas! They are your best allies. However, there are many fish in the ocean, so be sure to have an understanding of who’s who before you decide to go fishing. There are many Hispanic blogger networks that can help you navigate this world. The organizations mentioned on factor 3 can also assist you with outreach.

Finally, the ideal scenario would be to have a combination of all four of these on your strategy, as I believe they are codependent in achieving the desired outcome.

Your thoughts are welcome!


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