This year alPunto Advertising added the tactic of using “Latina mommy bloggers” to help spread the word about the Los Angeles Philharmonic among Hispanics.

The effort has worked extremely well and in fact has been duplicated by various other marketers in our industry.
One important component of having loyal and proactive brand bloggers is to compensate them and show your appreciation. This last Saturday November 5th, a handful of Latina Mommy Bloggers were invited to a Toyota Symphonies for Youth (TSFY) concert presented by LA Phil.

Each blogger was given two tickets to the concert and a thank-you gift basket.

The effort was coordinated by Brenda Fierro and Jorge Arguello of alPunto. Latina bloggers focus on the family aspect of LA Phil concerts and the enriching experience a classical concert can be for the whole family; these TSFY concerts offer a great family atmosphere and a rewarding introduction to classical music for the younger attendees.

“Bloggers have been great in helping us build awareness for specific LA Phil concerts as well as in having a credible and relevant source of information for our efforts – we value them immensely,” states alPunto VP Enrique Turégano.


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