Unleashing the Power of the Latino Social Media Influencer.

By Andy E. Checo

2011 was the year social media became significantly threaded through public relations and marketing efforts of all private, non-profit and public sectors. Social media buzz has become as important as media placements to many brands and organizations. But how do you get organic social media buzz? And especially, how do you get social media buzz within the Latino community when your brand/organization does not serve the community through targeted social media channels? You turn to an allied… the Latino Social Media Influencer (LSMI).

Here is the issue for marketers: Note the word “allied” mentioned above. An allied implies a developed relationship, one that takes time to cultivate and which is built on trust, interaction and loyalty. Obviously, you must crash the party NOW and start getting your allies (hopefully and good amount of LSMIs) aligned if you want your social media buzz to blossom.

Here is the issue within the Latino community: You will be surprised of how many Latinos do not make the most out of their social media relationships and take their connections for granted. It is true that influence is not, and should not be measured in numbers of Twitter followers or Facebook “likes,” but without the numbers, people/organizations will simply skip through your influence potential. If all you have is 50 followers, a particular brand might (or most likely will) ignore your complaint, but this is not the case if you have 10,000. Let’s acknowledge and empower each other. Let’s become connected! Not in the search of revenue, but in the process of strengthening our influence as a whole. In other words, drop the Farmville nonsense unless the crops you are harvesting go to feeding the hungry.

I’ve been amazed by the recent crowdfunding movement, but have also asked myself why isn’t there one united front that can develop such concept specifically benefitting Latino’s and spearheaded by the LSMI? If there is one, well, let’s get the LSMI behind it! Just one example of how the power of the LSMI can be unleashed.

Being a LSMI does not mean you know the ins & outs of all things social media. It means you have reach and are able to ignite action from your connections (RTs, clicks, likes, views, votes, donations, etc). Able to engage.

As we start 2012, my challenge to Latinos in social media is to be present, conscious of the power they have through their social media connections to impact important issues, promote topics of interest, and start a domino effect towards something great.

Here is to all the LSMIs! The power is within you all. Let’s get noticed.

Courtesy of Andy Checo.


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