Tech Connects with Hispanics

By: Roberto Ruiz, Senior Vice President of Brand Solutions at Univision Communications Inc.

Last week, close to 150,000 consumers and professionals descended on Las Vegas to take part in the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow.

As new technologies, smarter gadgets and faster products were unveiled at CES, Univision announced the launch of a news app “Noticias Univision,” for iPhone and iPod touch – adding to its line-up that includes the Univision app, the Univision Video app, Univision’s Cocina app, the Univision Radio app, the Univision Deportes-Fútbol (Sports-Soccer) and the Univision Marcador (Scoreboard) apps.

With a growing amount of research showing that Hispanics are consuming mobile content at higher rates than the general population, Univision remains committed to providing content to Hispanic audiences through their favorite devices.

In fact, according to an Experian Simmons custom survey, Hispanics are highly engaged in consumer electronics as evidenced by their purchases over the last month and their intent to purchase in the near future. Over the next year, the number of Hispanics (60 percent) planning to buy a flat screen TV is double the number of the rest of the population (28 percent).

Hispanics are not only “in-the-know” about consumer electronics products but also early adopters. A Simmons NCS/NHCS survey of adults 18 and older found that Hispanics are 33 percent more likely than the total population to say “friends ask for my advice before buying electronics.” Hispanic consumers are also 60 percent more likely than the total population to say: “I’ll pay just about anything for electronics I really want.”

With mobile devices, IHS Global Insight forecasts that over the next five years, Hispanics will contribute 41 percent growth in cellular phone consumer spending. Also, 61 percent of Hispanics have a Smartphone compared to just 42 percent of non-Hispanics, according to Nielsen Mobile Hispanic Insights. Hispanics also over-index in using their devices for music and video downloads, according to Nielsen Mobile.

BlackBerry® took the opportunity to beat its rivals in speaking to this consumer group early on. In 2009, they launched the BlackBerry Storm on Spanish-language television. Their campaign message – “BlackBerry helps you do all the things you love in life” – was an emotional appeal that resonated with Hispanic consumers.

Based on the success of that campaign, BlackBerry launched the Torch last year across Univision platforms with integrations on the widely successful novela “Eva Luna.” BlackBerry’s integration showcased new phone features and also saw the novela character “Francisco” hosting an online blog and BBM club where he shared behind-the-scenes content of “Eva Luna.” BlackBerry is also on board on with Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King’s groundbreaking new docu-journey, “¡Q’VIVA! THE CHOSEN,” debuting January 28 on Univision.

It’s not just BlackBerry – many brands are taking steps to connect with this valuable consumer. Samsung, Panasonic and Microsoft are all marketing to Hispanics, and retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart are also using Spanish-language media to promote their tech products. In fact, consumer electronic brands’ investment in Spanish-language television has exploded, increasing a whopping 282 percent from 2006 to 2010.

Consumer electronics truly speak to the tech-savvy Hispanic consumer.


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