Hispanics log in to Social Media more often than other Ethnic Groups.

The World Wide Web has become a standard part of life, and it appears that social media has become a major part of the online experience. The vast majority have at least one social media account; in addition, over half of Adults 18+ (54.5%) say they log in to Facebook once a day or more often, according to the February American Pulse™ Survey. Blacks and Hispanics are even more likely to log in once a day or more on Facebook as well as other online communities.

“Hispanics are the most avid social media users among ethnic groups,” said Dianne Kremer, Senior Analyst at BIGinsight™. “Although Blacks report that they spend the most time online in a given day, self-reported time spent on social media sites is higher among Hispanics.”

While Facebook and Twitter remain the most popular social media sites, Pinterest has also gained popularity quite rapidly—15.2% of Adults 18+ say they have an account (for comparison, only 11.1% have an account with check-in site Foursquare). Hispanics appear especially “Pinterested” in the new photo pin board site, as 28.5% say they have an account.

While social media engagement is growing, talks of censorship and pirated content also flourish. Likely due to uncertainty about how it will affect their experiences on their favorite social sites, Americans seem divided about the issue of censorship. Just over a third of Adults 18+ (36.5%) somewhat or strongly agree that offensive content should be censored on the Internet. Blacks are more likely to approve of censorship (51.7%), while Hispanics (38.4%) and Caucasians (35.8%) are less supporting.

Over half of Hispanics, Blacks and Caucasians agree that racial slurs in both print and music/videos should be censored, but the rest of each group’s Top 5 varies:

Top 5 Content Forms that Should Be Blocked on the Internet


Racial slurs in music/videos: 53.2%
Racial slurs in print: 51.9%
Violent images: 45.3%
Nudity: 44.4%
Full websites with offensive content: 39.0%


Racial slurs in print: 62.5%
Racial slurs in music/videos: 58.9%
Violent images: 55.3%
Nudity: 51.6%
Foul language in print: 49.5%


Racial slurs in print: 56.7%
Racial slurs in music/videos: 52.4%
Pirated content: 51.6%
Violent images: 49.4%
Nudity: 46.4%

Source: American Pulse™ Survey, Feb-2012

While half of Caucasians (51.6%) would like to see pirated content blocked from the Internet, piracy is not a top concern for Hispanics and Blacks. Hispanics list blocking full websites with offensive content in their Top 5, while Blacks rank censoring foul language in print as a higher priority.

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