Latinum Network launches Online Community – VozLatinum.

Latinum Network today announced the official launch of VozLatinum, a new online community leveraged by marketers who want to get to know the U.S. Hispanic consumer. Capturing valuable quantitative and qualitative insights on this growing demographic, VozLatinum provides a unique research capability for more than 80 corporate clients such as The Clorox Company, ConAgra Foods, Hallmark, and Nestlé USA.

Using leading edge online tools, VozLatinum enables corporations to conduct a range of custom and targeted research activities in English and Spanish, including discussion forums, ad testing (video & print), package testing, attitudinal and behavioral research, and more.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to leverage the full power of the network,” said Latinum co-founder Michael Klein. “VozLatinum enables us for the first time to directly connect our clients to the voice of the Latino consumer, and also to give the community a powerful platform to speak to so many of the brands they care most about.”

The launch of VozLatinum is a great complement to Latinum’s three pillars that help companies maximize their multicultural ROI: strategies and insights, peer-to-peer solutions and commercial collaboration.

“VozLatinum proved to be a reliable research alternative that provides clients with enough flexibility to gather valuable, deep consumer insights in a fast and cost-effective fashion,” said David Cardona, Multicultural Team Leader at Clorox. “Once again, the Latinum Network strengthened their membership support by providing us with tools to enhance our consumer understanding.”

A service available to all Latinum Network clients, VozLatinum is representative, bilingual, and includes both English- and Spanish-speaking consumers across all levels of acculturation, geography, and demographic makeup.

“Online communities are becoming an increasingly powerful research and consumer co-development tool, but the resources and expertise required for the intense engagement, prohibit most companies from using them in the Latino segment. By launching the VozLatinum community, we’re addressing a gap in the market for cost-effective, timely, and high quality consumer insights,” Klein noted.

For more information CLICK HERE.


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