Multicultural employees say Agency Experience different from colleagues.

Tangerine Watson Inc has announced findings from its Impact Study 2011. This is the first industry-wide research snapshot contrasting the perceptions and perspectives of multicultural and white advertising professionals.

The Impact Study offers an objective baseline to build upon current initiatives moving forward and tangible employee values for agencies to establish their own competitive edge. A ranking of the “Best Agencies” drawn from the 800 multicultural respondents will be announced shortly.

“A purposeful and conscious effort to solicit genuine feedback from employees regardless of ethnicity to improve agency culture is crucial,” said Carol Watson, CEO/Founder of Tangerine Watson, Inc. “The long running diversity and inclusion problem will not change organically. We all have to take proactive steps toward fostering that much-needed change. We believe that capturing and reviewing the insights gained from this study can help move the conversation forward to implement a truly effective action plan.”

Key findings from the Impact Study reveal:

– 74% of multicultural respondents agree that their experiences as employees are different from their white colleagues due to their backgrounds.

– While access to key decision makers and mentors/sponsors is an important factor for all professionals, multicultural employees are much less likely to feel satisfied with their level of access.

– Most respondents (89%), regardless of ethnicity, feel that diversity in the industry needs improvement.

– African-Americans (33%), Hispanics (21%) and other ethnic groups (47%) are more likely to cite lack of racial and ethnic diversity as a very important reason for leaving the industry than whites (4%).

Respondent outreach efforts included a variety of channels including: AdAge, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, AAF, AHAA, AdClub, AdColor, 4As MAIP Alumni MMR, Marcus Graham, Tangerine Watson, Inc. multicultural candidate database and various advertising industry conferences, newsletters and events.

Respondent answers were collected from September 13, 2011 through December 31, 2011. The research spans all geographical regions, agency sizes, job functions, seniority levels, as well as both general market and multicultural agencies.

“The data collected as a result of the Impact Study will provide the industry with valuable insights regarding areas to focus upon as we continue to further understand and leverage the benefits of diversity of thought,” said Constance Cannon Frazier, Chief Operating Officer of the American Advertising Federation. We hope industry executives will utilize the information to further their efforts to provide opportunities for young professionals from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.”

For additional information CLICK HERE.


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