5 Things You Need To Know About The Next Generation of Consumers

By Joe Zubizarreta – CEO of Zubi Advertising

An associate in our company sent out this article about Gen We, the next generation of consumers that are just coming in to buying power. I thought the article was very interesting and educational, however, it pointed something out to me that worries me a bit about this new group. The way they have grown and still are growing up is causing two things to happen that can be a detriment to them as a generation.

1. They are lacking in basic human relationship skills. Most communication is being done electronically with a language that has never been seen before, made up as they go along, virally making its way through the electronic community which they live in. So, when I walk in to my conference room and greet the new batch of interns that will someday be the future of our business and I attempt to engage them in a conversation, they have this ‘deer in the headlights’ blank stare that they probably picked up by watching too many zombie movies. They might be able to FB me their status and show me all their friends and places they’ve visited, but they can’t carry on a simple one-on-one conversation with an adult. I’m not picking on the 2012 intern group, to be fair, I will be meeting with them for the first time later today, but I have seen that stare before. It’s the stare that says, oh crap, where’s my iPhone?

2. They are growing up believing that they are the wizards of technology and therefore, the keepers of information. Well, information can be a very powerful tool IF you know how to use it. I’m not impressed by the fact that you can go on IMDB and tell me who played the janitor in the last Glee movie or that you knew before anyone else that Adele was pregnant. I’d be impressed if you could tell me how to harness cold fusion, that would be really awesome dude. OMG, did he just say dude? WTF?

Anyway, it’s the responsibility of my generation to show them how to use information to succeed in life and how to use their verbal skills to disseminate that information in a way that moves someone’s emotions to a place that you want them to be.

That’s what we can do to remind this We generation that, contrary to their beliefs, it’s not all about them.

Courtesy of Zubination

Source – CLICK HERE.


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