Hispanic Online Publishers double down on Facebook. [INSIGHT]

21500A lot has changed since I first reported on how Hispanic online publishers were using Facebook in June 2010. Back then, only a few Hispanic publishers were taking Facebook seriously, but over the past year and a half, Hispanic publishers have significantly increased their presence on Facebook and now view it as a critical channel for them to remain competitive. For Hispanic publishers, a robust Facebook presence is critical for a few key reasons:

• Facebook reaches the majority of online Hispanics. As a result, Facebook represents an ideal place for Hispanic publishers to acquire new and engage with existing users.
• Facebook’s Hispanic advertising offering is effective. Facebook allows marketers to target Hispanics on Facebook on a cost-per-like or cost-per-click basis making Hispanic user acquisition affordable and predictable.
• Facebook can help drive revenue. A large and engaged Hispanic community can effectively drive traffic to publisher’s websites, increasing advertising revenue. In addition, these communities are becoming increasingly attractive to advertisers.
So which Hispanic online publishers are winning on Facebook?

If we look back to June 2010, Hispanic media giants Telemundo and Univision clearly saw the importance of Facebook. At the time they had 138,000 and 92,000 Facebook likers, respectively. But nobody else had a strong Facebook presence. Fast forward to today and the importance of Facebook to Hispanic online publishers is quite evident.
Here is a list of the top 10 Facebook communities of Hispanic online publishers. The list includes current likers, growth rate over the past 12 months and the current engagement rate*.

1. Yahoo en Español
o 1,240,000 likers
o 675% growth
o 3.46% engagement rate

2. Univision
o 690,000 likers
o 150% growth
o 6.23% engagement rate

3. Telemundo
o 399,000 likers
o 150% growth
o 5.19% engagement rate

4. Mun2
o 274,000 likers
o 113% growth
o 2.19% engagement rate

5. People en Español
o 217,000 likers
o 99% growth
o 9.99% engagement rate

6. Despierta America
o 207,000 likers
o 250% growth
o 56.95% engagement rate

7. Latinos in Social Media
o 150,000 likers
o 17% growth
o 0.10% engagement rate

8. Club de Noveleras Telemundo
o 137,000
o 42% growth
o 1.38% engagement rate

9. Batanga
o 92,000 likers
o 56% growth
o 0.93% engagement rate

10. Latina Magazine
o 82,000 likers
o 69% growth
o 6.78% engagement rate
How long will it last?

Building and maintaining robust Facebook communities like these requires significant investment and effort. Clearly Hispanic online publishers perceive that they are generating a return on their Facebook investment today.

That said, as Facebook’s growth begins to slow among Hispanics and more publishers and advertisers jump onto the platform, it will be increasingly difficult to compete for the attention of users. To rise above the noise, publishers will need to continuously refine their targeting and content strategies in order to grow and engage their communities. This effort will likely require more time and resources.

What will happen to these Facebook communities in the future is anybody’s guess, but one thing we can bet on is that Facebook will continue to innovate so that Hispanic online publishers keep doubling down.

*Current “talking about” divided by likers.

For more information CLICK HERE.


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