Latino PLUS+ Identity. [PRESENTATION]

Untitled-1LatinWorks and EthniFacts have joined forces to field a deeper investigation of U.S. Latino Culture and shed new light into what the future may hold for marketers. The report is the result of an extensive national survey of US Latinos and is titled The PLUS+ Identity — Shifting Paradigms and the Future of Latino Culture in the US.

The Plus+ Identity offers and supports a fresh paradigm that captures today’s ecosystem in which cultural parity and transculturation are becoming a natural alternative to assimilation, thus replacing the obsolete notion in which Latinos move uni-directionally away from a culture niche into a melting pot.

The study seeks to answer a major marketing issue of today, whether it still makes sense to have a general market and a multicultural strategy. Much current conversation has centered on multicultural influence, maintaining a separation between Latinos and Non-Latinos.

Even in the context of the “total market” hypothesis, researchers and advertisers continue to base their point of view on the “us-VERSUS-them” model. Does this approach make sense when the population of some of the biggest U.S. cities is over 51% – in some cases over 70% – multicultural?

Many Latinos are developing the PLUS+ Identity, embracing a bigger, more inclusive definition of Latino and American identity and gaining increased confidence in what their Latino essence brings to themselves and others. The definition of PLUS+ Identity is not about influencing others. Instead, it is a new destination that exists and will become increasingly attractive, ultimately drawing people from all ethnicities and demographic traits together into a new social consciousness.

To view presentation CLICK HERE.


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