The Battle of the Brands: Winners and Losers in the Culture Wars. [REPORT]

CheskinlogoThe Cultural Traction is a global study on the impact of culture-led marketing, showing that tech brands are making the most powerful connections with consumers, accounting for six out of the top ten places in the ranking, led by Google. By achieving high levels of ‘cultural traction’, these brands are staying more relevant to consumers, thereby increasing their opportunities to achieve sustained growth.

Culturally vibrant brands are those perceived to have the most Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting (VIBE) attributes.

Home Furnishing giant IKEA makes a surprise entry at number 4, ahead of luxury car brands BMW and Audi. At almost 130 years old, Coca-Cola proves that age is no barrier to being a brand icon when culture is used effectively to connect with consumers ranked at 9.

Says, Orazio Costadura, Head of Brand and Customer Management, Audi AG: “At Audi we are aware of the importance of continuously shaping our brand, making sure that it is culturally relevant to a high degree – not just in Germany or Europe, but across the world including China and the US . The results of the Added Value study offer a refreshing, new perspective on how to look at brands, and give us very encouraging evidence that the direction we have chosen for Audi is working. ”

” It is critical that brands stay apace of culture . Consumers can tell you about how the world is changing today, but the world can tell you a lot more about the consumers of tomorrow, ” says Maggie Taylor, Chief Executive of Added Value (North America). ” It ‘ s one thing to be a culturally vibrant brand in one part of the world; it ‘ s another to maintain that vibrancy at high amplitude across the whole world. ”

Cultural Traction 2013 report and case studies CLICK HERE.


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