Business Trends 2013. [REPORT]

22099Deloitte released its inaugural “Business Trends 2013” report outlining eight trends expected to be crucial strategic drivers for global business. The report is intended to help executives bolster strategic planning efforts, become more interconnected with customers and stakeholders and find opportunities for innovation and growth.

“As a leader in global strategy consulting , Deloitte helps organizations build value by delivering novel and actionable insights on the issues that drive our clients’ business,” said Mike Canning, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and national managing director for Deloitte’s strategy & operations practice. “This research is geared to executives who want to spur big ideas, challenge conventional thinking and stay ahead of the competition.”

Deloitte’s “Business Trends 2013” report covers a wide range of topics including consumer behavior, analytics, social data, public-private partnerships, emerging markets and new technologies.

The eight business trends for 2013 are:

The Rewired Customer: The flexibility of the human brain (“neuroplasticity”) enables and is driving rapid and substantial shifts in consumer behavior and smart companies will find ways to anticipate and capitalize on these shifts

The Scale Paradox: The disruptive power of analytics is helping small companies be more insightful and large companies be more agile, upending conventional wisdom about how small and large companies compete

Reengineering Business Intelligence: Companies are embedding social data into core strategic decisions and leveraging this data in novel and impactful ways

Partnerships for the Future: Recent shifts in economic and social forces are driving government and business to collaborate in unprecedented ways

The Responsible Enterprise: Companies are recognizing the advantages that come from embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their core business activities

Manufacturing Beyond China: China has long been the default choice for offshore manufacturing, but several converging trends are causing companies to consider alternative locations

Emerging Market Talent Strategies: Global talent strategies are evolving as BRIC economies begin to mature and new emerging markets evolve into major contenders on the global stage

Building on the BRICs: Brazil, Russia, India and China have been effective stepping stones for multinationals from developed nations, but seven new emerging markets provide fresh opportunity

To download the complete report CLICK Here.


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