How marketers can drive cross-screen engagement. [INSIGHT & REPORT]

22144More and more, consumers are engaging with content across a variety of screens, and often engaging with that content on multiple screens simultaneously. This means advertisers have to take a holistic approach to their marketing strategy, and adjust the content to fit the context of various screens while considering consumers’ multi-screen habits.


Microsoft Advertising partnered with Flamingo Research and Ipsos OTX to gather data from consumers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The initial, qualitative phase involved interviewing consumers who own multiple devices and use a second screen daily. The second phase validated the first using market-representative consumer panels.


The research uncovered fascinating patterns in consumer behavior, such as:

– Marketers will only succeed in the multi-screen world if they create content that enables personal engagement across TVs, PCS, consoles, tablets and mobile devices.

– Each device requires a different approach; for example, messaging on TV is the best way to deliver an emotional story and achieve brand building. Mobile advertising should feel like it’s adding value rather than creating an interruption for the consumer.

– There are four pathways of multi-screen behavior. Each one has different motivators. For example, Content Grazing behavior responds well to quick, efficient bits of content delivered via Xbox or Bing apps in Windows 8.

To download report CLICK HERE.


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