Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines to Reduce Industry Fragmentation and Empower Creatives.

22279In the rapidly evolving mobile marketplace, there is heightened demand for standards and guidelines that unify the advertising industry and expand on current industry accepted ad units.

In order to maintain consistency, the “Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines” supplement the MMA’s widely adopted “Universal Mobile Ad Package” (UMAP v 2.0), which makes buying and selling mobile ads easier and more effective. Additionally, the new guidelines provide directives that are necessary to empower creative shops and publishers to employ mobile for more dynamic, rich consumer experiences. The guidelines also align with the IAB “Display Advertising Guidelines.”

“The new ‘Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines’ provide creatives with easily accessible, adoptable and understandable guidance that they need to help brands and agencies realize the promise of mobile advertising,” said Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB. “These new guidelines provide a framework for the consistent development of mobile ads that produce strong results.”

As a vital joint industry effort between the IAB and MMA to address smart and feature phone devices, the guidelines are relevant to both mobile web and in-app inventory, and include ad specifications for basic and rich media units.

Balancing the requirements of marketers and media companies, and the need to ensure a positive consumer experience with ads, the guidelines address varying factors such as different data connections (WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc.), carrier plans, Z-Index range and even the impact of the reduced processing power inherent in mobile devices for file load size and web display.

“To fully harness the power of mobile, it is imperative to make mobile easier to adopt and integrate within the broader marketing mix,” said Michael Becker, Managing Director, MMA. “Under the new guidelines, we aim to evolve UMAP by providing creatives with the kind of clarity and uniformity that is necessary to develop dynamic consumer engagement via mobile. Although the breakneck pace of mobile evolution continues, these guidelines are a foundation for creative and media companies to build on, even as devices and software continue to transform.”

To download “Mobile Phone Creative Guidelines” CLICK HERE.


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