Hispanics do not prefer Wendy’s Restaurants. [REPORT]

22669A new study released by Placed, found that quick service restaurants account for the majority of the most-visited destinations in America with McDonald’s (#1), Subway (#2), Starbucks (#4), Burger King (#5), Wendy’s (#6) and Taco Bell (#9) securing spots within the top 10 business ranking in April 2013. Based on data from its recently launched Placed Insights service, Dining Out in America: The Quick Service Restaurant Landscape, provides one of the most comprehensive views into U.S. consumers’ relationship with fast food and fast casual restaurants including analysis of the top brands, demographic trends and competitor customer profiles.
“Americans have more options than ever when dining out, fueling a growing battle for a limited set of dollars,” said David Shim, Founder and CEO at Placed. “In a space as competitive as fast food, data is the differentiator in terms of a winning and losing brand. By measuring the connection between people and places, restaurants are able to look beyond their counters and pull dollars away from their competitors.”

Coffee Drinkers on the Coasts, Subs More Popular in the Midwest and South
McDonald’s ranked as the most-visited fast food restaurant with more than half of U.S. consumers visiting the chain in April. Although McDonald’s ranked as the top quick serve destination in all four U.S. regions, there was significant variability for the remainder of the top 10.

Subway held the #2 spot in the Midwest and South, while rival coffee destinations protected their home field advantage with Starbucks ranked #2 in the West, and Dunkin’ Donuts matching in the Northeast.

The South was the only region where Wendy’s beat out Burger King, ranking as the #3 most visited fast food destination.

The Midwest was the only region that saw two Mexican-style quick service restaurants, Taco Bell and Chipotle, secure spots in the top 10.

Diversity was the keyword for quick service restaurants in the West region with 40% of the top 10 chains not appearing among the leaders in any other markets (Jack In The Box, Panda Express, Carl’s Jr., and Jamba Juice).
Wendy’s Least Popular among Hispanics as Brand Renews Focus on Hispanic Market

Wendy’s: Hispanics were least likely to visit Wendy’s compared to McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell. Wendy’s, which recently increased its spend for Hispanic media by double digits and launched new tailored TV ads, saw that Hispanics were 16% less likely to visit the chain compared to an average U.S. consumer.

McDonald’s: As the largest food advertiser in Spanish-language media according to Ad Age, McDonald’s showed the strongest skew among Hispanic customers compared to Burger King, Wendy’s and Taco Bell.

Taco Bell: Visitors skewed the youngest of the four brands, with those under age 44 over indexing to the taco chain. Taco Bell visitors also skewed slightly lower income comparatively.

Burger King: Although consumers with children were more likely to visit all four chains than those without children, Burger King showed the strongest skew toward parents.

Asians: Across the board, Asians under indexed for McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Taco Bell. This highlights an opportunity for these fast food restaurants to reach an audience that currently isn’t consuming their menu at scale.

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