The Internet Radio Marketplace: Who Listens, Where They Listen & Why You Should Care. [STUDY]

22920Radio listeners who spend more than 21% of their time listening via Internet radio are 2x as likely to purchase a product they heard advertised compared to those who listen more predominantly to broadcast radio. This is just one of many insights into the Internet Radio Marketplace our Consumer Insights and Research teams touch in this white paper after conducting research in order to better understand the growth of radio, dissect how Internet and broadcast work in tandem, and examine behaviors specific to Internet radio. This initiative included survey of 1,000 radio listeners in the U.S., from which compelling insights emerged about usage and behaviors, including intriguing insights into the interest in an Apple streaming radio service.

A glimpse of other highlights:

– 40% if Internet radio listeners tune in just about anywhere – at home and on the go

– Based on the Apple brand name alone, 34% of Internet radio listeners in our survey said they would switch from their favorite service to an Apple Internet

To view study CLICK HERE.


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