How to Effectively Harness the Power of Mobile Email. [REPORT]

23155With technological advancements in connectivity and speed, there has been a shift to mobile devices as the primary access point of all things digital. Smartphone and tablets are revolutionizing the way people consume information, including content sent via email. With 88 percent of users checking their email via mobile devices daily, mobile email is a valuable platform for marketers to connect with consumers.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released the “The Essential Considerations for Mobile Email” whitepaper, which evaluates the strengths of mobile email and outlines best practices for optimized outreach.

“Email is the leading activity preformed on a smartphone with close to 50 percent of brand-related emails opened and read. It’s value as a marketing vehicle is drastically underestimated,” said Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer, MMA. “Consumers are mobile, and we must adapt our strategies, including mobile email, to meet them in their preferred channel. ‘The Essential Considerations for Mobile Email’ whitepaper offers best practices to capture consumer attention via email and create an engaging mobile experience.”

“The Essential Considerations for Mobile Email” outlines design and messaging considerations to build a dynamic mobile email outreach, as well as delivery techniques to heighten engagement with recipients. These specifications stress the importance of a seamless experience between screens to ensure that the experience on both a mobile device and desktop offers the same look and feel. The paper highlights tips for responsive design and how to optimize mobile landing by device type.

“The average mobile user spends seconds on each email as they scan through their messages, which means that email content must be clear and concise with a captivating design. This requires a careful application and organization of several practices to achieve optimal mobile email experience,” said Tim Carr, Chief Lifter, Creative Lift. “Mobile email can be an effective gateway to a broader mobile strategy. If mobile email is the first-impression you get with consumers, it must be perfected and seamless with the rest of the media journey.”

The whitepaper was developed by the MMA Mobile Email Committee, which includes the following MMA members: Creative Lift, Knotice, Epsilon, Responsys, ExactTarget, ReturnPath and Harte-Hanks Agency.

To download report CLICK HERE.


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