How Hispanic Adult Millennials Spend Their Time

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How are Hispanic Adult Millennials spending their time? Tr3s sought an answer to this question in its 2012 research study, Hispanic Adult Millennials Living the Next Normal: Age of Uncertainty. Looking at how their time is distributed between family, friends, school, and “me time,” Tr3s made comparisons between Hispanics and non-Hispanics 18 to 29 who live with their parents, as well as those who have moved out to form their own families.

Hispanic and Non-Hispanic 18-29s Living With Their Parents

Among 18-29s still living at home, school takes up the largest proportion of Hispanics’ time (26%). For non-Hispanics, school is less of a priority – “me time” is where the largest segment of their time goes (26%).

For Hispanic and non-Hispanic Adult Millennials still living at home, family time weighs in big. For both groups, hanging out with relatives came in second place in their distribution of time (22% for Hispanics, 24% for non-Hispanics).

Work was in third place for Hispanics and non-Hispanics who live at home – however Hispanics are spending comparable shares of time with work and family (21% of their time working and 22% with family).Non-Hispanics 18 to 29 living with their parents spend significantly less time working than being with family (24% with family, 18% working).

For Hispanic Adult Millennials living at home, personal time is often sacrificed for school, family time, and work. “Me time” was in fourth place for this group — 18% of their time, significantly less than for non-Hispanics living at home (26%). Non-Hispanics 18 to 29 living at home are spending about as much time doing schoolwork as working (18% for both).

Friends are losing out among Hispanic and non-Hispanic Adult Millennials living at home – both groups spent the least amount of their days with them (13% Hispanic, 14% non-Hispanic).

Hispanic and Non-Hispanic 18-29s Who Live on Their Own and Have Their Own Families

For Hispanic and non-Hispanic Adult Millennials who live on their own and have their own families, the lion’s share of their time is spent with their families and working. Family represents the largest share of their time, accounting for 31% of Hispanics’ time and significantly more for non-Hispanics (44%). A quarter of both groups’ time is spent working (27% Hispanics, 25% non-Hispanics).

Hispanic Adult Millennials who have their own families spend a larger share of time on their educations than their non-Hispanic counterparts (16% Hispanic, 10% non-Hispanic). “Me time” is slightly higher for Hispanics (14% of Hispanics’ time, 11% of non-Hispanics’).

Friend time is lowest among Hispanic and non-Hispanic Adult Millennials who live with their own families (12% of Hispanics’ time, 10% of non-Hispanics’). Clearly, all Millennials 18-29 are busy – and they’re sacrificing time with friends.

Source: Tr3s 2012 “Hispanic Adult Millennials Living the Next Normal: Age of Uncertainty”; Experian Simmons Summer 2012 NHCS Adult Survey 12-month


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