Marketers to spend almost 1/3 of Digital Media Dollars on ‘3-Screen Digital Marketing’. [REPORT]

23401Leading digital buyers are spending 30% of their digital budgets on cross-device campaigns in 2013, according to a major research study released by ValueClick Media and Greystripe. The study, which was conducted by independent research company Advertiser Perceptions, polled hundreds of digital media executives from across the U.S. to uncover how they view present and future opportunities for cross-device advertising.

“Clients tell us that user-to-device matching methodology matters, but it requires more complete, actionable data gleaned from a deeper knowledge of user interest, behavior and purchases across devices. Really both the data and methodology are essential to a client’s end goal—reaching the consumer wherever they spend their digital time.”

Buyers report that this flood of cross-device money is a reflection of dramatic changes in how people access the web. As penetration and usage of tablets and smartphones has grown, brands need to reach and engage users on whatever device they choose in a given day.

Some Study Highlights

According to the research:

89% of leading media buyers believe that reaching the same user across different devices is important. This helps engage users migrating from device to device throughout their days.

76% want cross-device usage data for targeting so that they can reach and connect with people whenever and wherever will yield the best response.

75% of buyers said that cross-device campaigns across PC, tablet and smartphone deliver better results than single device campaigns.

A majority also said that cross-device programs are critical to optimizing performance across their marketing budgets.

To download report CLICK HERE.


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